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How Much Are Contacts?

The cost of contact lenses varies based on a number of factors, such as the type of contacts you choose and how often you replace your lenses based on your Optometrist’s recommendation.

When you’re deciding to get contact lenses, it’s important that you factor in what role insurance can play in the:

Actual Contact Lenses Cost

Average Cost of Contact Lenses
The average cost of contact lenses can range from as low as $175 a year to $1,400 a year depending on your insurance, and what you and your Optometrist feel is the best lens for you: Monthly, 2-Week or Daily Disposable.

The Cost of an Eye Exam

Average Eye Exam Fee
Every Optometrist determines their own fees when it comes to eye exams, but they often range from $50 to $100. Many health insurance plans include vision care that covers the cost of an annual eye exam. Insurance plans vary, so call your Optometrist to talk coverage and set up an appointment.

Contact Lens Fitting Fee

Average Contact Lens Fitting Fee
Every Optometrist determines their own contact lens fitting fees, and it will again depend on your optometrist and health insurance plan.


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