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Compare Contacts vs. Glasses

The Real Differences Between Contacts & Glasses

Getting contact lenses means having the added responsibilities of handling and cleaning them, but they also allow the freedom to live life outside your frames. So what are the real differences between contacts and glasses?

A rainy and busy day in the city A rainy and busy day in the city

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Sports & Activities

People with active lifestyles, such as athletes or those with jobs where glasses can be a distraction, can get the vision correction they need.

Field of Vision

Contacts move with your eye, allowing a complete and natural field of vision that won’t be obstructed by frames or cause distortions between what you see through your glasses and what you see outside of them.

No Obstructions

Contacts don’t get water on them in the rain or fog up when you go from cold to hot. You’ll also never catch a glimpse of a frame in your peripheral vision.

Vision Correction

In some cases, contacts may be able to offer better vision quality than glasses.


Although glasses require less upkeep, when you do lose or break them, they can be costly to replace.


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