How To Get Contacts

What To Expect With Your Optometrist

So, you’re ready for contacts. Nervous? Don’t be. Once you’ve found an Optometrist, here’s what to expect from your first appointment to your annual checkups.

First Contact Lens Appointment

A fitting for contact lenses can take longer than an exam for glasses, so make sure you let your Optometrist know you’re coming in for contact lenses. The Optometrist will review your eye health, check your vision and measure the size and shape of your eye so that your lenses fit just right.

Follow-Up Visit

After around a week of wearing your contact lenses, you’ll return to the store for a follow-up visit. In the unlikely event that something isn’t right, tell your Optometrist straight away. If you’re enjoying your experience with your lenses, you’ll get a prescription and can usually take home a supply that day.

Annual Eye Exam

For the best experience with your lenses, make sure you clean and care for your lenses, stick to the wearing schedule your Optometrist gives you, and get a yearly check-up. It’s important to get regular check-ups to make sure your prescription is still correct.