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Do you find yourself enlarging text size on your devices?

Presbyopia is an age-related condition reducing
your ability to see near. It occurs gradually and naturally to everyone above 40. Swipe left to
learn more.

If you ticked more than 3, you may have presbyopia

Swipe left to test yourself for presbyopia.

Hold out your mobile phone at your usual distance

Before starting the test, place your mobile
phone at your usual distance (around 40 cm
away from your eyes). Take turns to test each eye.

TEST 1: Reading large text

Do you find yourself reading clearer with enlarged
text on screens?

TEST 2: Reading small text

Do you find it harder to read text at this size?
Do you find yourself subconsciously holding
your arm out for clearer vision?

TEST 3: Reading medium sized text

If you can read text at this size clearly and easily
without having to hold your device at arms length,
you need not worry about presbyopia at this stage.
However, it is still advised to visit your Eye Care
Professional for an eye examination to assess your
eye health.

All you need are multifocal contact lenses!

If you think you have presbyopia, visit your Eye
Care Professional for a thorough eye health